Find the right treatment for every cancer

Harness the power of precision medicine to predict which cancer treatments are most likely to work for you

Unique comparative approach

Therapies screened against over 150,000 responses, giving an unmatched level of confidence


Around 60 different cancer drugs analysed including ~30 chemotherapy drugs


Clinical response prediction rates of more than 90%

What is PredictRx?

PredictRx is a pioneering in-vitro diagnostic platform. The platform aims to find the right treatment for you and your cancer’s unique fingerprint. The platform tests for effective treatments directly from live cancer cells, giving your oncologist the information they need to better prioritise suitable treatments. This approach can save invaluable time, reduce toxicity and the cost of inefficacious treatments, fully realising the power of personalised therapies to improve clinical outcomes.

Who is this for?

PredictRx is most suitable when your cancer has started to spread, which makes treatment decisions tougher. A tumour specimen sample should be sent to Imagen when a biopsy is taken before any treatment has started. After the biopsy, your Oncologist will start you on a ‘Standard of Care’ treatment protocol while we wait for the results of the predictRx test. Once the results are received by your Oncologist, they will use that information to either change the treatment you are on, augment the treatment you are on with a different treatment, or confirm that the treatment you are on is the most effective. The objective is to ensure that you are being treated with the most effective treatment options as soon as possible.

How it works

How can I access PredictRx?

Get in touch.

Ask your oncologist to request PredictRx from Link Medical Solutions.

You are eligible for PredictRx if you:

a) Want further treatment
b) Are able to provide a biopsy (or other cancer cells)

The science

Imagen Therapeutic’s phenotypic approach is based on a sophisticated cell death assay that involves automated fluorescence microscopy (High Content Analysis). The methodology ensures the test is accurate and fast, as well as permitting the screening of a large number of chemotherapy and targeted therapies at once.

Cutting-edge phenotypic in-vitro drug sensitivity test

–  State of the art miniature assays
–  Computerised microscope for cell visualisation
–  4x dose response curves for each drug tested

Decoding the complexity of treatment response data to improve clinical relevance.

Proprietary algorithms compare individual drug responses to a database of over 150,000 patient treatment data points, which significantly improves the accuracy of predictions.


PredictRx accurately predicts clinical response.

Results data shows a positive prediction value (PPV) of 89.5% and a negative prediction value (NPV) of 99%.

*More clinical data available, get in touch.

Want to know more?

Imagen Therapeutics is a leading provider of innovative services to clinicians and the biopharma industries, founded by ex-AstraZeneca cell-biologists. Imagen’s vision of developing an accurate method of modelling cancer tumours in the lab culminated with the development of the groundbreaking PredictRx in-vitro diagnostic platform, the only test of its kind, allowing oncologists to select effective treatment pathways for cancer patients. The PredictTx platform allows the biopharma industry to accelerate their therapeutic development programmes by offering a range of translational research services.