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Through LINK’s extensive knowledge, network, and expertise, we can help commercialise your product effectively and efficiently that creates short-term revenue and long-term sustainability.

How can we help you?

Through our unique modular structure, LINK can support any or all elements required for a successful launch in the U.K.  Whether you need assistance with one element or more, we will bespoke our approach accordingly.

LINK work on a very specific payment for delivery model which means that you only pay for what you get and should you decide to stop the project – we will bill for the work delivered up to that point.

Commercialisation of a new technology or product can be highly complex which is why LINK have simplified the process and have gates at each stage to ensure that nothing is missed or left unanswered.

Our commercialisation model

We consult with Principle Companies on all or part of this process as required to ensure the successful commercialization of their pioneering technology, with very clear deliverables in every step of the journey.

Validation Process

The validation process is critical and one of the greatest requirements to a successful commercial launch of any product.

Stakeholder mapping to identify the appropriate clinical partners for your product is key to choosing the right academic partners. Advisory Groups are essential to gain detailed information from experts in the proper and relevant clinical validation requirements, product positioning, market access, and necessary endorsement.

Through LINK’s network, we find the most appropriate advisors and potential academic partners, along with facilitating the validation process to ensure that the PI’s are active and engaged, protocols are agreed, and ethics approvals are timeous, so that the validation process is completed in the quickest possible timeframe whilst being of the highest quality.

Regulatory Pathway

The Regulatory Pathway can be a very complex and time-consuming process that can take months to years depending on the strength of the validation and clinical utility of the product itself.

It is critical to ensure that we follow the steps in a very clear and concise way to maximise our efforts in achieving the best results. The Advisory Groups will be critical in helping us strategise our way through the correct channels to ensure we ‘answer’ the key questions that the regulators will have, to approve your product.

LINK support this process through leveraging on the key stakeholders within our network, mapping out the process for each regulatory body, guiding the preparation of the technical dossier to the specifications required, and ongoing engagement until the approvals are in place.

Launch Preparation

Launch preparation is one of the areas where many companies fail as they become too excited or pressurised to commercialise their product that they don’t take the right steps to ensure the commercialisation is successful and replace long-term sustainability for short term gain.

LINK will ensure that the correct pre-launch activities prepare the market for the introduction of your new product and to make it as easy as possible for customers to use the product seamlessly, by mapping out all the relevant customers and conducting in-depth market segmentation, generate public interest through our targeted digital marketing platforms, engagement with medical funders in the private sector, and conducting Early Release Programs (ERP’s) to ensure your product is used by key customers with early feedback before the full commercial launch to the market.

Early Growth

Early stages of a product launch is critical, gaining feedback from users and adapting as required. Being nimble is critical and adjusting strategy as required is fundamental. Metrics are designed to measure share of voice in the field, these are essential to monitor effectiveness.

Utilising KOL’s is critical in early growth phase. Educational events, Webinars, etc. utilising KOL’s to endorse your product is important to solidify the KOL’s loyalty but also to increase market share from those with whom the KOL has influence.

Driving overall funding is critical, exploring all avenues of funding to ensure that funding does not become an objection to driving the sales line. LINK will maintain engagement with funders to further strengthen your product’s position in the field.

Broad Adoption

For broader adoption, LINK engage with policy makers, those who write protocols and manage guidelines to ensure that your product is included into these documents. Some customers will only use a product once it is included into the protocols and guidelines (local).

At this point LINK will expand the reach of voice to further drive the sales line so that your product becomes a ‘household’ name. A product that is used with little thought across the widest range of customers possible.

Expanded Sales

As we consider the product lifecycle, which is moving much faster today than it ever has, with much more competition than ever before, it is critical to ensure R&D continue to launch additional features of the product, extending its indications or upgraded versions of the existing product.

LINK will ensure that we monitor the market landscape and product lifecycle to support and guide you on the most appropriate time to launch the newer versions and continue to drive sales in a positive way.

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