With a combined experience of over 50 years in commercializing medical products in our respective markets with large multinational healthcare companies, we have developed specific expertise and networks that supports our commercialization model.

The Validation Process is critical to ensure that there is a proven and clear Clinical Utility, followed by the appropriate Regulatory Pathway to ensure the product can have clear Market Access.  Prior to launch, we ensure that we have market experience through limited market release and valuable customer feedback, pressure-testing the ordering processes and customer satisfaction.  Once we have passed this gate, we plan and execute on the full market launch and put steps in place to create share of voice, education events, PR/Social Media activity while we drive adoption of the product with Key Opinion Leaders in the respective field and drive product funding in both Private and State sectors through proactive engagement with the various payors.  Engagement with policy holders and protocol developers to include the product into the protocol helps to create a broader adoption of the product as we open up a wider indication (as data becomes available) for even further growth expansion.

Our commercialisation model

We consult with Principle Companies on all or part of this process as required to ensure the successful commercialization of their pioneering technology, with very clear deliverables in every step of the journey.

Our partners

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