Unique treatment tailored to your cancer

We offer comprehensive genomic testing (DNA, RNA, Proteins) through our exclusive partner, Tempus. Our unique test options can be performed to identify specific alterations that may drive the behaviour of your cancer. This can help your doctor develop a personalised treatment plan specifically for you.

"Having Tempus in my fight for Cancer... it's incredible"

What is Molecular Profiling?

Tempus Labs performs thorough molecular testing on DNA, RNA and proteins, utilising the most technically advanced systems, including the world’s most advanced AI-based algorithms, to identify the biomarkers relevant for optimised treatment decisions in a patient’s tumour, and to compare the biomarkers with data from clinical studies around the world. This is a powerful asset to aid clinical decisions regarding individual cancer therapies. Tempus Lab’s comprehensive molecular profiling enables clinicians to:

  • Identify therapies with potential benefit
  • Identify therapies which may not have been considered before
  • Determine drugs with potential lack of benefit (avoiding unnecessary toxicities and costs)
  • Match patients to appropriate clinical trials

Interested in taking a Tempus Lab test?

We would be happy to share more detailed information and clinical evidence on Tempus products and services through LINK Medical.

How It Works

What are biomarkers?

A biomarker is any physical characteristic of the human body that can be measured. Your blood pressure is a biomarker. A haemoglobin level is a biomarker. Some biomarkers can be linked to a particular diagnosis, to disease outcomes, or to response to medication or other therapy. In oncology, important biomarkers that can be measured include the DNA, RNA, and protein within a tumour. These biomarkers can be used to make a diagnosis, to predict cancer aggressiveness, or to predict that a particular therapy will be effective.

Who can benefit from a Tempus Lab test?

Patients with metastatic cancer looking for a personalised approach to their treatment and care. Tempus have the following products:

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