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We’re committed to unlocking transformational medical technology for every patient.

Link Medical enables patients and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about their treatments through targeted and individualised diagnostic and screening tools.

Our promise to patients

The work we do has a singular focus: to improve patient lives through healthcare advances that lead to tangible, measurable improvements to their welfare and better clinical outcomes.

The trends shaping innovation in med-tech

Advances in biotechnology have given us unprecedented new options for tackling some of the planet’s most challenging diseases. Find out how recent biotechnological breakthroughs are changing the therapeutic landscape.

Precision medicine
A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to treatments is coming under scrutiny for an ever-growing number of conditions, find out how personalised, precision medicine can lead to treatments that work for you.
Molecular Biology
The power of genetic sequencing and engineering of DNA, RNA and associated proteins is revolutionising treatments and creating bold new therapeutic pathways.
Digital Healthcare
New remote diagnostic tools and healthcare analytics are transforming access to healthcare and enabling clinicians to work smarter.
AI and Big Data
The computational power of machine-learning and data science is transforming the way scientists spot patterns and enabling increasingly acute, targeted approaches to treatment.

How precision medicine helps improve patient outcomes

Using patient molecular information gives physicians an unparalleled ability to predict which treatments will work best for a patient’s particular biological makeup. By closely matching patient biomarkers to treatment targets, profiling allows physicians to find targeted therapies which can be more efficacious.

What we do

We connect healthcare professionals to high quality, innovative medical products, technologies and services, in order to support the restoration of patients’ health. We do this by continually searching and sourcing the most promising advances in healthcare and working with partners to embed them within established best-practice. Our goal is to bring best-in-class innovations to as many patients as possible, and ultimately, to make innovative approaches ubiquitous and universally accessible.

Our network and expertise

Our team has worked across a wide range of sectors and roles
in the biopharmaceutical and life-sciences sectors.

Our growing global network includes 6 regions, with a presence across a number of jurisdictions and regulatory environments.

What patients and partners say about us

Capture d’écran 2020-09-02 à 14.34.41 - Alexandre Prieur

I met the LINK Medical team at the AACR 2019 and since then we have worked closely to give access to DxPG80 to physicians so that they can detect cancer and conduct patient follow-ups. LINK Medical is the best distributor you can imagine, especially for breakthrough innovative products such as the one we developed. I hope that we will keep working together for a long time.

Alexandre Prieur
CSO, ECS-Progastrin
IMG_6871 -

Having been diagnosed with a grade 4 glioblastoma I received radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. A molecular profiling was recommended via staff at LINK Medical. The Caris profiling was done with speed and efficiency and the findings identified a unique NTRK gene fusion which led to recommendations such as larotrectinib. The detection of the gene fusion, which is extremely rare, has made a great difference to my potential treatment options.

Amanda Clare Slade
Photo Klaus Schuster - Klaus Schuster

From the beginning our collaboration was very positive, goal-oriented and patient-focused. The team from LINK Medical is showing strong ambition, knows our products in detail, has excellent relationships with key customers (oncologists) in our markets and is a great support in developing substantial business in the field of precision medicine (oncology). Link Medical is also willing to take the extra mile to bring the business to the next level, they take a lot of efforts with innovative strategies and tactics to reach and surpass goals.

Klaus Schuster
VP Global Medical Affairs, Caris Life Sciences
Rainbow Oncology logo - Drszpak Rainbow Oncology

Link Medical Solutions is a proactive company providing information and support for oncology practices in finding an innovative and appropriate treatments in difficult to treat cancers requiring personalised approach. This company is very ethical and solid with helping my patients in their difficult times.

Waldemar Szpak
Clinical Oncologist
CD901293-2DB5-4E6E-807F-0BB2B7BC153E - Lidaria Cilia

Link Medical has handled my case in the most professional way. They were able to ease the overwhelming period that I have been going through thanks to such efficient service.

Lidaria Cilia

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