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We enable patients and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about their treatments through targeted and individualised diagnostic and screening tools.

Our promise to patients

The work we do has a singular focus: to improve patient lives through healthcare advances that lead to tangible, measurable improvements to their welfare and better clinical outcomes.

How precision medicine helps improve patient outcomes

What we do

We connect healthcare professionals to high quality, innovative medical products, technologies and services, in order to support the restoration of patients’ health. We do this by continually searching and sourcing the most promising advances in healthcare and working with partners to embed them within established best-practice, either through our Consulting Services or via direct Product Sales Distribution.

Our goal is to bring best-in-class innovations to as many patients as possible, and ultimately, to make innovative approaches ubiquitous and universally accessible.

For physicians

Our collection of genomic tests uncover unique insights that empower you to customise treatment for individual patients, throughout their cancer journey.

For patients

Our unique test options can be performed to identify specific alterations that may drive the behaviour of your cancer. This can help your doctor develop a personalised treatment plan specifically for you.

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